Solitude and Setting

I take my solitude as it comes
a gift that drops unexpectedly
but often when I seek it out
I seek it in the woods or sea.

There the waves lap close to shore
and crashing, murmurs of God’s approach;
then boldly run my thoughts to Him
knowing He hears me when I speak.


Or in the forest glades I wander
where the sunlit patches fall
and breezes stir and winds do whisper
my heavenly Father’s thoughts of me.


If there are times when I am hindered
from nature’s sweet and cherished havens,
then I stand in crowded rooms, solitary
but not alone, recalling God’s words to me.

Or on the sidewalks or busy streets
in parks or suburbs I look up to see
clouds in the sky or the starry expanse
and praise the God of earth, sky, and sea.

Solitude can be so lonely, isolation keeping me
a tormented prisoner, without my Father’s company;
but my soul does wiser grow, sweeter still and richer,
when His Spirit, drawing near, breathes to set me free.

DailyPostPrompt: solitude

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