The Main Business of Life


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For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36)

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Engineered for Satisfaction

The following is in response to the “World’s Best Widget” Daily Post prompt, which grants me “magical engineering skills,” but not, I’m afraid, much more.

So sally forth, little doggerel, for whatever use you may be!

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Nature’s Cold Designs

A good snowstorm was all it took to make clear nature’s cold designs. We were snug and warm indoors until it came time to shovel out from under all the snow.

And then to be greeted by a still to be cleared patio with inviting “snow seats,” perfectly designed by mother nature for pillowy softness. Did I say inviting? Only if you wanted to “freeze your buns off.” Brr.

Snow Seats
Snow Seats, Blizzard 2016

#Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge